The Importance of Using Laser Fume Extractor

The Importance of Using Laser Fume Extractor

Laser fume extractor is a common purifying machine, which is different with the smoke machine because it absorbs fume directly and purifies the fume into harmless gas through the inside chemical effect. Is it necessary to use the laser fume extractor?

Ⅰ. The importance of the laser fume extractor

The laser processing is the use of laser beam and material interaction characteristics, materials, including metal and non-metal, for cutting, welding, drilling, micro-processing and other processing. The essence of laser processing is that after the material absorbs the energy of the laser beam, its own heating leads to changes in physical and chemical properties, so as to achieve the removal or destruction of the material. At the same time of material removal or destruction, it is bound to cause dust and harmful gases.

If the dust and harmful gas cannot timely purification, operators work in the pollution of the environment, whose health is bound to be affected. This is the important reason of laser fume extractor first, which can remove dust particles, adsorption, remove the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, protect employees health; At the same time to provide support for enterprises to meet the emission standards.

Ⅱ. Other functions of the laser fume extractor in the laser industry

1. Apart from the function of purification of laser fame extractor in some industries, the fume extractor for laser cutter also plays a role in fixing the workpiece. In the process of operation, it not only extracts the dust generated by purification, but also plays a role in fixing the workpiece for flexible PCB board cutting.

2. In some special working environments, if you do not use the laser fame extractor, the dust in the processing process will adhere to the surface of the laser lens, and finally accumulate more and more, resulting in lens damage.

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