Chemical Fume Extractor

Chemical Fume Extractor

In the process of chemical industry production and sub packaging, it is very easy to produce conventional dust and flammable and explosive dust. At this time, we need to use our fume extractor, such as bao-1500 fume extractor.

In the chemical industry, the application of fume extractor is as follows

Printing: when lead smelting is carried out in the lead melting furnace used for casting plate and lettering in the printing plant with lead printing process, the furnace gas contains a certain amount of toxic and harmful substances such as lead smoke, lead dust and oil (ink) smoke, which seriously pollutes the air and atmospheric environment of the workshop. Fume extractor can help to purify the harmful smoke and dust produced during smelting.

Catalytic combustion equipment

Catalytic combustion involves the use and emission of organic volatile compounds in the production process of petrochemical industry, foundry, furniture factory, machinery factory, plastic factory, rubber, paint, electroplating, printing, coating, tire manufacturing and other industries. 

It is necessary to use fume extractor such as welding fume extraction equipment to filter and then discharge the filtered gas into the air.Harmful organic volatiles are usually hydrocarbon compounds, oxygenated organic compounds, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus and halogen. If these volatile organic compounds are directly discharged into the atmosphere without treatment, it will cause serious environmental pollution. 

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