Laser Chillers

Laser Chillers

Xlntchillers can provide laser water chillers suitable for a variety of laser types. For example, carbon dioxide laser water chiller, optical fiber laser water chiller, YAG laser water chiller, semiconductor side pump laser water chiller, etc.

When laser cutting metal or nonmetal plate and engraving on metal/nonmetal surface, the laser or laser lens of a laser machine will heat up instantaneously. If the cooling is not timely, the laser parts will be burned directly. Xnltchillers laser water chiller is a customized water chiller for the laser industry, which can provide continuous cooling circulating water with stable temperature for the laser system, improve processing efficiency and protect laser equipment.

Application of CO2 laser water chiller:

CO2 laser machine is widely used in an advertisement, exhibition, craft, cloth art, leather and other fields. The cw-5200 co2 laser water chiller of Xlntchillers is mainly used to cool the carbon dioxide laser generator (glass tube) to extend the service life of the laser generator.

Application of Optical fiber laser water chiller:

the working principle of optical fiber laser machine has ultra-high requirements for optical fiber laser water chiller, which requires the water chiller to meet the accurate and stable temperature control, and the lens and laser must be cooled at the same time. Xlntchillers can meet the cooling requirements of the optical fiber laser machine.

Application of YAG laser water chiller:

Xlntchillers’ YAG laser water chiller can efficiently meet the constant temperature requirements of YAG laser.

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