1200W Air Conditioning Cabinet

1200W Air Conditioning Cabinet

Air-conditioning cabinets are mainly used in the field of communication, data processing, manufacturing, etc., carbon steel shell, we can customize stainless steel shell according to customer requirements. The product has good sealing performance. The back glue adopts 3M sealant, which has the advantages of energy saving and electricity saving. It adopts rotary compressor, which has less energy saving and low noise.

  • 1. Adopt excellent compressor, low noise, stable operation, long life, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

    2. Metal structure design, the equipment is small in size and occupies a small area.

    3. The body is light and easy to install.


Main voltage

Support customization


Support customization

Total Power


Phase number

Support customization

Working temperature


Net Weight


Product dimension(mm)



≤ 60dB

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