Laser Fume Extractor

Laser Fume Extractor

Bao-1000 laser fume extractor is a kind of laser soot purifier with 99% filtering effect, which is suitable for the laser industry.

Introduction of the necessity of laser fuse extractor

In today’s advanced industrial manufacturing, the laser fume extraction systems are more and more widely used, laser processing is the use of high-power low-density laser to process the workpiece, but people’s understanding and attention to the harm of the smoke generated in the process of laser processing is far from enough.

Heavy metal vapour is produced during metal processing. These vapors can damage human tissues, leading to poisoning, allergic reactions, pulmonary fibrosis, cancer and so on. A variety of potentially hazardous substances may be produced when cutting plastic. May cause poisoning, allergic reactions, respiratory tract irritation, lung disease. In cutting paper and wood, cellulose by-products are also health killers. At the same time, if the smoke is discharged out of the room, it will also affect the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the use of laser fuse extractor such as laser cutting fume extraction. On the one hand, it can solve the smoky air inside the workshop, and on the other hand, it can avoid polluting the environment.

Applications of the laser fume extractor

The laser fume extractor is widely used in laser cutting, laser marking, laser medical and other industries.

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