• When the water cooler is newly purchased or left unused for a long time, please make sure that the motor is started and the cooling water is sprayed (from the OUTLET) before installing the welding machine (remember the sequence before and after), otherwise the motor will not start easily. Note that the idling time cannot exceed 30 seconds, otherwise the motor will burn out easily.

  • When using the welding water chiller, if the motor runs normally, but the water output is too small or unable to output water, the air from the air compressor can be blown into the water outlet or inlet for 20 seconds, and the air in the pump can be discharged, and the problem can be improved.

  • Reasons for the motor not rotating when using welding water cooler:

    a. The voltage is too low.

    b. The starting capacitor is burned out.

    c. The water pump is stuck, turn off the power switch, drive the air from the air compressor into the water inlet for 20 seconds, and rotate the pump for about 20 seconds; or extend the side plate hole into the wooden slat to rotate the fan a few times, and then turn on the power.

  • Reasons for water pump leakage: impurities in the water wear out the seal ring in the pump. So please make sure: Use pure water or alcohol antifreeze!!!

  • The inside of the machine needs to be kept dry and clean. Open the case every six months and use the air gun of the air compressor to clean up the internal dust to improve the heat dissipation performance and the life of the machine.

I The machine alarms and the water is normal—————The water flow switch is broken or there are foreign objects in the pipeline

II The water temperature does not drop ———————Check whether the side net and condenser are ventilated, and whether the fan emits hot air

III The machine can’t be refrigerated ———————Check whether the refrigerant leakage is caused by the leakage, and whether the compressor is working at the set temperature

IV Abnormal noise from the compressor————–The voltage is too low, it is easy to appear in summer

V E2 alarm (high water temperature alarm)

1. The dust screen is blocked and the heat dissipation is poor

2. Poor ventilation at the air outlet or inlet, and poor heat dissipation around the welder water cooler 

3. Unstable or low voltage

4. Improper setting of controller parameters

5. The chiller is switched on and off too frequently, and the interval should exceed 5 minutes

6. Excessive heat load, it is recommended to replace the chiller with large cooling capacity

VI E5 alarm (water flow alarm)

Please first check if the amount of water in the water tank is sufficient

1. Turn off the chiller, use a section of water pipe to short-circuit the water outlet and the water inlet, and then start the chiller to observe

2. If the alarm is cancelled after short-circuiting, it can be judged as an external waterway problem of the chiller.

3. It also alarms that the water pipe or pump is blocked by impurities inside.

4. It is also possible that the water flow switch is broken, and this probability is small.