Laboratory Fume Extractor

Laboratory Fume Extractor

Laboratory fume extractor is necessary for the closed environment of the laboratory.

Laboratory Fume Extractor in chemical experiments

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of laboratories, but without exception, there are quite complex types of waste gas in the daily operation process, the main components are benzene series, methane and other gases, which have an impact on the surrounding environment and occupational health.

Although the laboratory has brought us unexpected benefits and scientific and technological achievements, we should also do a good job in the safety of the test. For example, in chemical experiments, we often come into contact with some strong acid and alkali chemicals, which are harmful to organic substances. 

These substances have a great impact on people’s health. We need to pay close attention to them and do a good job in prevention awareness, as well as the use of appropriate smoke and dust Purifier, in order to avoid harm to the environment itself staff.

Bao-1500 fume extractor

XlntChillers has designed and developed a small-scale laboratory waste gas purification equipment Bao-1500 mobile welding fume extractor.

It is mainly used in the laboratory environment, aiming at the acid-base and organic waste gas generated in the laboratory fume hood, open reactor, heating furnace and other areas.

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