Industrial Water Chiller

As a professional manufacturer of water chillers, Xintchillers’s industrial water chillers provide professional refrigeration services for a variety of industries including Metal Finishing Chillers, LaserChillers, Welding Chillers, food processing chillers, plastic processing chiller, injection molding chilled beverage process chiller, hydroponic chillers, chemical chiller, pharmaceutical chiller. The stable operation of Xintchillers’s industrial water chiller is deeply trusted by customers in various industries.

XLNT-500 Fiber Waterchiller
XLNT-800 Fiber Chiller Cooling System
XLNT-1000 1000W Fiber Laser Chiller
XLNT-1500 1500W Fiber Laser Water Chiller

Welding Water Cooler

XlntChillers Welding Water Cooler’s high-lift water pump, high-power fan, and high-efficiency copper condenser can help welding equipment, plasma equipment, laser equipment circulation and other equipment to dissipate heat and extend their service life. Our Welding Water Cooler can be started with one button, automatic circulating heat dissipation, simple and easy to operate, low noise and stable operation.

WRC-300 10L Tig Welder Cooler
WRC-350 20L Welder Water Cooler
WRC-500 25L Welding Chiller

Fume Extractor

XlntChillers has been committed to the purification and treatment of air pollution for a long time. It has an independent core technology for air purification. With customer experience as the main research and development goal, XlntChillers provides customers in the field of welding and laser cutting with high-quality and high-performance Fume Extractor equipment.

Bao-300 Laser Fume Extractor
Bao-700 Laser Cutting Fume Extraction
Bao-1000 Fume Extractor
Bao-1500 Laser Fume Extraction

Cabinet Air Conditioner

XlntChillers is a water cooling machine manufacturer with diversified products, providing refrigeration solutions for customers in multiple industries.

300W Air Conditioning Cabinet
600W Air Conditioning Cabinet
1200W Air Conditioning Cabinet

laser Obstacle Remover

The long distance laser obstacle remover system consists of a fiber laser, a laser aiming and launching system and a battery pack. The laser aiming and launching system consists of a laser focusing system, an aiming and viewing system, a rangefinder, a pan/tilt, a tripod and a display and control system to achieve target aiming, ranging, laser focusing and launching functions.


300W 500W 1000W long distance laser obstacle remover