Pharmaceutical Chiller

Pharmaceutical Chiller

Pharmaceutical chiller is used for constant temperature and temperature control in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy generally includes the production of antibiotics, chemical synthetic drugs, biochemical drugs, phytochemicals and other raw materials and various pharmaceutical preparations or traditional Chinese medicine. In the pharmaceutical process, some components need to be heated in the preparation process. After the preparation of the component, it needs to be cooled before it can be proportioned with other different components. Therefore, when the component is transported through the connecting pipe to the mixing barrel, it needs to be cooled with chiller machine by heat exchange.

Water chiller in the production of biomedical drugs

A water chiller is often used in the production of biomedical drugs. Laser water chiller can ensure the stability of drug materials in the production process and improve the quality of drug production.

Applications of water chiller in the pharmaceutical industry

The application of water chiller such as CNC chiller in the pharmaceutical industry is as follows: water chiller for refining beauty liquid of traditional Chinese medicine, water chiller for cooling chemical reaction of medicine, water chiller for refining precision medicine, auxiliary water chiller for experimental medicine, water chiller for refining Chinese and Western medicine, water chiller for cooling tank reactor, water chiller for cooling plant medicine, etc.

The CW-6200 pharmaceutical water chiller of Xlntchillers has higher cooling efficiency, which can reduce the production cost of biological drugs in the production process.

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