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Xlntchillers Products

XlntChillers has focused on the refrigeration industry for 13 years, providing customers with professional customized solutions. XlntChillers' industrial water chillers, welding water coolers, and fume extractors can operate safely for more than 2 years and the average failure rate is less than one percent. XlntChillers has always been customer-centric, providing life-long maintenance support for each product and achieving lasting service for each customer. XlntChillers is a professional water chilling plant manufacturer and supplier that able to offer a wide range of water cooling machines for industrial uses. if you want to know more about the water chiller machine, please contact us now and get your water-cooled chiller at a cheap price.

Industrial Water Chiller
Xlnt Chillers' professional production plants, professional production workers, and professional quality control system provide each customer with professional industrial water coolers.
Welding Water Cooler
XlntChillers welding water coolers: high-lift running ultra-stable water pump, high-efficiency radiator, large-capacity integrated water tank, meeting the heat dissipation requirements of different welding equipment and welding machines.
Got any question about water chiller system? We are here to provide technical support for you!
Industrial Chillers Application
XlntChillers industrial water chillers can be widely used in many industries. These industries include metal cutting, metal welding, food processing and storage, the molding process of plastic products, and precise cooling of experimental equipment. For more information, please contact us immediately.
Industrial Fume Extractor Application
XlntChillers' high-quality fume extractor can meet applications in different fields and environments after more than ten years of development and optimization, for example, electronic and electrical manufacturing, etc.
Why Xintchillers Can Be Your Professional Chiller Supplier
  • R & D Experience

    13 years of R&D experience, providing professional refrigeration solutions to more than 100 large and medium-sized customers worldwide.

  • Industry Experience

    Years of industry refrigeration R&D team, specific application scenarios of different industries, providing personalized solutions in over 48 areas.

  • Product Advantages

    Cooperate with world-renowned suppliers, such as Panasonic, to meet higher-quality refrigeration needs.

  • Quality Inspection Advantage

    Ensure that each machine in the hands of the customer has passed 48 hours of continuous work inspection, and the average failure rate is less than 1%.

  • Service Advantage

    Detailed installation and use instructions, 7X24 hours after-sales response, lifelong tracking service for each device.

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