Industrial Water Chiller

XlntChillers is the source of small and medium-sized chillers around you, with customized chiller design and professional chillers. XlntChillers is a water cooling machine manufacturer with diversified products, providing refrigeration solutions for customers in multiple industries (CNC laser industry, welding industry, advertising production industry, plastic industry, the medical device industry, UV printing industry, Laboratory, etc.). Our products include industrial chillers, Fiber Laser Chillers, Co2 Laser Chillers, CNC Spindle Chillers, etc.

CNC Spindle Chiller
CW 3000 Industrial Chiller For 1.5KW CNC Spindle
CW5000 Water Chiller For 5kw CNC Spindle
Chiller CW 5200 For 8KW CNC Spindle
CW6000 Water Chiller For 22KW CNC Spindle
CW6200 Water Chiller Units For 45KW CNC Spindle
CO2 Laser Water Chiller
CW3000 60W CO2 Mini Water Chiller
CW5000 80W-100W Co2 Small Chiller
CW5200 130W-200W Co2 Portable Water Chiller
CW6000 450W CO2 Laser Water Chiller
CW6200 860W CO2 Laser Chiller Unit
Fiber Laser Chiller
XLNT-500 Fiber Waterchiller
XLNT-800 Fiber Chiller Cooling System
XLNT-1000 1000W Fiber Laser Chiller
XLNT-1500 1500W Fiber Laser Water Chiller
XLNT-2000 2000W Laser Chiller
XLNT-3000 3000W Fiber Laser Cutter Chiller
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Water Cooled Chiller Unit Installation Requirements
The Reason Why Industrial Water Chiller System Does Not Work
Simple Fault Processing Method Of Industrial Water Cooled Liquid Chiller
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