Daily Maintenance of Industrial Water Chiller

Daily Maintenance of Industrial Water Chiller

Ⅰ. Choose a suitable maintenance method for the industrial water chiller

In order to achieve better operating results, when the industrial water chiller is actually used, it is necessary for the company to select the appropriate maintenance and maintenance methods according to the working conditions of the unit in time. Running the chiller under the premise of adequate maintenance and maintenance can make the energy cost of the enterprise lower.

Ⅱ. Choose the suitable maintenance method for the industrial water chiller group

1. The air-cooled industrial water chiller unit should be turned on according to whether the direction of the fan is correct. If it can be turned on and run in the forward direction, it means that the power wiring is reversed. The power wiring phase sequence must be replaced before starting.

2. The setting values of the various protection devices of the industrial water chiller have been adjusted by industrial water chiller manufacturers, and the user should not change it at will.

3. When the industrial water chiller has a fault alarm and shuts down, press the stop button of the unit first, and then check the cause of the fault, and do not force it to start operation before the fault is eliminated.

4. If it is not an emergency, the industrial water chiller should not be turned off by cutting off the main power supply; if the unit is not used for a long time in winter, turn off the unit first, then turn off the main power supply, and the water in the system will be drained by the heater.

5. Keep the chiller for laser machine room clean and well ventilated, and clean and decontaminate the condenser regularly.

6. The water-cooled industrial water chiller should keep the heat dissipation water tower clean, and keep the air around the water tower low and avoid debris entering the cooling tower to reduce the heat dissipation efficiency.

7. For the air-cooled industrial water chiller, please keep the surface of the cooling coil of the chiller clean to ensure that the surrounding air is circulated and low. Clean the fouling on the coil regularly to ensure a good heat exchange effect.

8. If the industrial water chiller has been used for more than six months, or the high/low pressure switch often fails, or the cooling capacity is reduced, please arrange for staff to clean the condenser. If you follow the above instructions for repairs several times and the chiller failure alarm still sounds, you should ask a professional chiller to repair it.

9. Antifreeze in winter: In winter, in order to prevent the condenser and evaporator in the industrial water chiller from being damaged by low-temperature freezing, please drain all the water in the condenser and evaporator pipes to prevent the freezing from causing unnecessary trouble to you.

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