Welding Chillers

Welding Chillers

Xlntchillers provides the best refrigeration solution for the welding industry.

Commonly used welding types are AC/DC argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, plasma welding, resistance welding, spot welding, etc.

General welding operation requires that the temperature of cooling water should not exceed 40 ℃. The use of welding water chiller can prevent welding equipment from being burnt out. Water chiller can also help to accurately control the temperature required by modern industrial mechanization production, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality.

Application of welding water chiller:

Welding chiller can be classified as argon arc welding water chiller, spot welding water chiller, electric welding water chiller, laser welding water chiller, high power welding water chiller, etc.

High-frequency welding machine water chiller:

Because many power devices in the welding equipment will emit a lot of heat when doing continuous welding work, if not cooling, the welder water cooler can not continue to work. Moreover, the self-heating coil is also in the magnetic field eddy current, which will also generate heat and burn red. So it needs to be cooled.

Resistance welding machine must use cooling water, the basic reason is that the transformer, thyristor, control board and other components can get hot in the condition of large electric flow for a long time, if the hot is serious, the transformer and other components will be damaged.

CW-6200 welding water chiller is suitable for a variety of welding equipment.

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