Benefits of Using Welding Chiller

Benefits of Using Welding Chiller

1. What is the welding chiller

Welding machines are very important to modern industry, including resistance welding machines, spot welding machines, projection welding machines, seam welding machines, butt welding machines and flash welding machines. 

Water cooling plays an important role in the welding process and welding water cooler. As we all know, sultry heat occurs during welding. If the heat is not removed in time, it will cause damage to both the welder and the welder. This is the role of the welding chiller. The welding chiller can take away the excess heat of the welding machine and welding torch during the welding process to maintain its safety and good working conditions. According to project requirements, each welding chiller is independent, closed-loop or open-loop, with pumps and piping systems.

2. The benefits of using welding chiller

Generally, there is a filter in the welding chiller, which can effectively filter out the obvious particles in the water, keep the pump cavity clean, and prevent the possibility of water blocking. The welding chiller uses pure water or deionized water, which is more conducive to pumping the light source directly into the laser material, and can produce a better laser mode. The welded chiller uses a compressor, the water tank and pump are made of stainless steel, and the heat exchange coil is made of stainless steel, so that the chiller works stably with a good cooling effect, and the temperature accuracy can be within 1°C. The lower the control temperature, the less the welder cooler is affected by temperature. However, we recommend adjusting the temperature difference to about 1℃.

Generally, the welding chiller uses 220V household electricity instead of 380V three-phase electricity, which is more conducive to the versatility of the equipment. The welding chiller is equipped with a flow protection device. When the water flow is less than the set value, there is a signal alarm, which can be used to protect the laser and related equipment for cooling. The welding chiller is equipped with temperature protection. If the temperature is not suitable, a signal alarm will also appear. There is also a water temperature alarm in the welding chiller.

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