Metal Finishing Chillers

Metal Finishing Chillers

Xnltchillers water chiller is widely used in the metal finishing industry.

The process of metal finishing is generally accompanied by a lot of heat generated by processing. If these heat can not be emitted in time, it will not only seriously affect the quality of the final processing results, but also cause irreversible serious damage to the processing equipment itself with the accumulation of time, which will greatly increase the processing cost. Therefore, the metal finishing industry cannot do without the help of water chiller.

Taking the following industries as an example, the application of industrial water chiller in the metal finishing industry is as follows:

Application of water chiller in metal surface treatment:

The metal surface treatment is generally accompanied by the release of a large amount of heat energy. The selection of high-quality water chiller will ensure the final treatment effect.

Application of plasma cutting water chiller:

CW-6000 plasma water chiller can be used to cool the plasma welding gun, so as to avoid the high-temperature damage caused by cutting the parts in the gun head.

Application of water chiller in the metal cutting of CNC machine tools:

When CNC machine tools are cutting metal, the internal motor of the spindle equipment needs to reach a very high speed to drive the high speed of the tool to cut metal. The motor will generate a lot of heat in a short time. Using water chiller can avoid the damage of the spindle motor.

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