Quality Control

  • Complying with CE standard. Quality Ensured.

  • Using the world-famous Compressor, i.e., Panasonic.

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  • Complying with CE standard. Quality ensured.

  • Using the world-famous Compressor,i.e., Panasonic.

  • Complete Inspection covering water system and electricity, ensuring stable cool water production.

  • Xlntchillers water chiller Equipped with high efficiency tube in a plate heat exchanger. All heat exchangers with insulation to prevent heat loss.

  • Electric Expansion valve with accurate flow control and gas distribution.

  • LCD display control panel. Intellectual control system.

Standardized Production Process

Fully standardize the production process in accordance with international ISO standards.

48 hours continuous working test!

Dozens Of Inspection Items Before Leaving The Factory
  • Appearance

  • Voltage, Hz, electric line connection, etc

  • Water tank capacity detection

  • Head pressure detection

  • Water flow detection

  • Safety protection function test

  • Water inlet and outlet inspection

  • Water leakage test

  • Leak-proof refrigerant detection

  • Refrigeration effect detection


All cartons and shock-proof materials filled with thickness in line with international transportation standards are used to ensure the safety of the equipment during transportation.