Beverage Process Chiller

Beverage Process Chiller

Beverage process chiller is essential equipment for the beverage industry.

The application of water cooler in beverage industry includes:

Water chiller for carbonated beverage filling production line, chiller machine for juice beverage production line, etc.

The principle of beverage water chiller

Beverage water chiller xlnt-6000 is a kind of refrigeration equipment, which can provide constant temperature cooling equipment. The principle of beverage welding cooler is to inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank of the beverage production machine, cool the water through the water chiller’s refrigeration system, and then use the water chiller The water pump inside the chiller injects the low-temperature frozen water into the beverage production equipment that needs to be cooled. The frozen water takes away the heat inside the beverage production equipment and returns the high-temperature hot water to the water tank again for cooling. In this way, it circulates and exchanges cooling to achieve the cooling effect for the beverage juice production line equipment.

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