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Medical Fume Extractor

Medical Fume Extractor
Medical Fume Extractor

The medical fume extractor is very important for the medical industry.

Fume extractor in the laser cosmetology industry

It can be used in the laser cosmetology industry, in the process of laser, fume absorber can purify the burnt smell and smoke produced by burning tissue, and avoid harm to people. The main applications are hospitals and beauty hospitals.

Fume extractor in the operating room

It can be used in the operating room of the hospital to filter and purify the smoke produced by carbon dioxide laser, lattice laser, pixel laser, electric knife, etc. Welding fume extractor is suitable for the smoke and dust produced in the operation of carbon explosion ion therapy, as well as the mixed gas and smoke produced in other operations.

Fume extractor in the process of tooth washing

In the process of tooth washing, tooth cleaning, tooth whitening, tooth transplantation and restoration, denture restoration and finishing, smoke and dust will be produced. Laser fume extraction systems can help to absorb smoke and dust.

Fume extractor in the process of tooth washing

It is suitable for moxibustion treatment process: during moxibustion, it can effectively purify the smoke, peculiar smell, toxic and harmful gas produced by the combustion of moxa velvet. For example, bao-300 medical fume extractor.

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