Injection Molding Chiller

Injection Molding Chiller

Injection molding water chiller is indispensable in the injection molding industry.

Process of injection molding

In injection molding, after the plastic fills the whole mold cavity, the mold needs to be cooled to make the molten plastic rapidly cool and solidify.

If the cooling time is too long, the physical strength of injection molded parts will be weakened, the internal stress will be increased, and the welding chiller are prone to deformation. The most common injection molded parts, such as automobile dashboard, are thin and large in size, which causes great trouble to customers.

Applications of injection molding chiller

For injection molding machine, injection molding water, the welding water chiller solves the problem of constant cooling water temperature of production equipment and prevents the water temperature from being too high or too low, which will affect the quality of products and cause serious economic losses. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: eliminating the dissolving lines, dissolving lines and silver wire lines on the surface of products; solving the surface shrinkage phenomenon of plastic products; improving the surface cleanliness of products, so that the surface finish can be achieved to the mirror; the welder water cooler does not need painting follow-up processing, improve the yield of the phenomenon; the thin-wall molding can improve the injection fluidity, improve the strength of product quality, and reduce the injection cycle of thick-wall molding.

Xlntchillers Xlnt-2000 injection molding water chiller is an intelligent constant temperature water chiller suitable for the injection molding industry.

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