Hydroponic Chillers

Hydroponic Chillers

Hydroponic chillers are more and more popular in hydroponic flower and vegetable industry.

Characteristics of Hydraulic chillers

Hydroponics (also known as nutrient solution cultivation) technology is a plant cultivation technology that plants are planted in a certain container, regularly and quantitatively supply nutrient solution, and carry out scientific cultivation management, so that plants can grow and develop normally. Compared with the traditional soil culture technology, welder cooler has the characteristics of clean, high plant growth efficiency, good quality and low cost (about one-tenth of the soil culture). It is in line with the trend of international environmental protection and resource-saving and the specific needs of China. Fume extraction equipment is the trend and development direction of plant cultivation technology in the future.

The optimum temperature of hydroponic plants is generally about 10 ℃ to 25 ℃. In order to control the hydroponic temperature reasonably, waterchiller is used.

Hydraulic chillers xlnt-3000

Xlntchiller’s hydraulic chillers xlnt-3000 can realize the precise control of the temperature of nutrient solution in the water inlet pipe, which is conducive to the fine management of the crop growth environment, reducing the equipment volume and energy consumption. On the premise of minimizing the system energy consumption, it can realize the control of the temperature of nutrient solution in the hydroponic planting equipment, so as to meet the demand of hydroponic crops for environmental temperature.

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