Precautions of Industrial Water Chiller in the Summer

Precautions of Industrial Water Chiller in the Summer

With the coming of summer, the sun willfully glows and heats, as if to cook the whole earth. The weather in summer always changes. For industrial water chillers, in addition to withstanding the test of the high temperature in summer, it also should be cared about the thunderstorms. In such a changing and complex weather environment, it still needs to work uninterruptedly, so what are the points that when using industrial water chillers we need to pay attention to in the summer to cope with the high temperature?

1. Place the industrial water chiller in a position with good ventilation and heat dissipation

The industrial water chillers placed outdoors (mainly on the roof) should be kept clean and unobstructed within 1m from the front, back, left, and right, otherwise poor heat dissipation will cause the condensation temperature and corresponding condensation pressure of the refrigerant in the condenser to be too high, thereby affecting the cooling of the water extraction chiller. In the end, it will affect the normal operation of the connected external equipment and the production efficiency.

2. Air-cooled industrial water chillers and water-cooled industrial water chillers

Air-cooled industrial water chillers: As the chiller is in operation, the dust-proof net and condenser fins in front of the condenser can easily absorb dust and debris. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the heat dissipation performance of the condenser. When summer comes, the ambient temperature rises, and the dust on the dust screen and condenser will affect the heat dissipation effect of the condenser, resulting in insufficient cooling capacity of the industrial water chiller. The user can use compressed air to blow or clean the condenser fins with a brush when the cold water is turned off or on standby, and the dust-proof net can be removed and rinsed with water.

Water-cooled industrial water chiller: When the industrial water chiller is working, it needs a certain pressure difference and a certain flow of plant cooling water to circulate, and the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant from the compressor exchanges heat in the plate heat exchange condenser, but there are strict requirements on the temperature, pressure, flow rate, and upper limit of the concentration of each ion in the factory cooling water. For customers who use water-cooled chillers, they need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the water inlet filter and the color of the water to ensure that the compressor system is permanent reliable and safe operation.

3. Regular maintenance of industrial water chiller compressors

Long-term use of industrial water chiller refrigeration units, and the compressor staying in working condition for a long time will affect the service life of the equipment. The maintenance of the general refrigeration unit is based on the working hours of the compressor. Some industrial water chiller such as the chiller for laser cutting machine refrigeration units will have protective maintenance tips when the compressor has been working for 1,000 hours. However, there are many cases of continuous work during the summer peak period. Pay special attention to the operating status of the system and adjust the system’s liquid supply and condensing temperature in time.

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