Chemical Chiller

Chemical Chiller

Chemical chiller is widely used in chemical production.

Applications of industrial water chiller in the chemical industry

The application of industrial water chiller in the chemical industry, such as the application in the new energy industry, such as the cooling of the battery material grinder, and the cooling of the slurry reactor, the reactor needs to be constant at a suitable temperature in the reaction process, and its practice is usually to maintain a constant temperature of water in the jacket to maintain the normal reaction of the materials in the reactor. Reactor cooling is a production task with high difficulty coefficient. Incorrect or mismatched industrial water chiller selection will affect the normal production in the later stage of the enterprise, which will not only increase energy consumption and cause environmental pollution but also increase the unnecessary capital budget of the enterprise.

Water chiller Xlnt-3000

The reactor water chiller Xlnt-3000 of XlntChillers can start and stop the reactor cooling system with one button, and provide a variety of alarm functions. It does not need 24-hour personnel on duty, saving labour costs for customer enterprises.

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