The Characteristics of Laser Fume Extractor and the Difference from Ordinary Smoke Extractor

The Characteristics of Laser Fume Extractor and the Difference from Ordinary Smoke Extractor

The laser fume purifier is a lightweight soldering fume processor designed for the treatment of smoke and dust generated during welding, laser marking, laser engraving, etc. The laser fume purifier is suitable for welding, laser marking, and laser engraving. If the user works in a high-concentration smoke, dust, smoke and oil mist environment for a long time, inhaling excessive toxic substances will cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc., which will seriously affect the health of the body. It also affects normal production.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of laser fume extractor

1. The integrated structure design of smoke filtration of the laser fume extractor is easy to install, flexible to move, and does not need to lay smoking pipes.

2. High-power DC brushless motor, long life, low noise, and high air flow.

3. The triple filtration design of smoke filtration ensures that the harmful substances in the smoke are filtered out and the human body is protected. The primary filter, the intermediate filter and the main filter can be replaced individually, which can maximize the use of the filter and reduce the cost of production and use.

4. The built-in smoke filtering and circulating air filtering method of the laser fume extractor avoids discharging the indoor air-conditioning or heating to the outdoors.

5. Multi-station design, adjustable air volume, PPR material flexible smoking arm can be adjusted freely.

6. Low noise design.

Ⅱ. The difference between laser fume extractor and ordinary smoke extractor

Ordinary smoke exhaust fan is a kind of machinery that can quickly discharge the odor and smoke gas generated in the industrial process. This type of exhaust fan only transfers the source of pollution, and transfers the odor and smoke gas to other places, but does not really solve the problem of smoke from the source. During laser marking, engraving, welding, cutting, scribing, laser and other processing work, a large amount of fume and exhaust gas will be generated.

laser fume extractor refers to the equipment that can process, filter and purify the smoke and odor collected from the smoke remover. In the process of processing, a suitable laser fume extractor is used to effectively treat the smoke and dust, which is also the current method that meets the environmental protection requirements, the smoke and dust generated by cutting will basically not spread into the processing workshop, which not only ensures the cleanliness of the workpiece, but also protects the health of workers. According to the above analysis and comparison, it is obvious that it is more appropriate to choose a professional laser fume extractor for treatment.

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