Precautions of Industrial Water Chiller Selection

Precautions of Industrial Water Chiller Selection

In industrial applications, industrial water chillers are equipment used to control the required temperature of products and the cooling of factory machinery. In the plastics industry, they are commonly used for injection and blow molding. They can also improve the product’s surface finish and increase the product’s forming rate. It can also be used to cool CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machines, grinders, die-casting, machining centers, modular machine tools, various types of precision machine tools, and hydraulic system transmission medium cooling. It can precisely control the temperature of the oil and effectively reduce the thermal deformation of materials and process parts to improve machining accuracy.

Ⅰ. About the industrial water chiller

Industrial water chillers have different powers in different industries. There are many branches, so the name is different. The models are divided into water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers. However, industrial chillers have different condensation methods based on the condenser and are divided into air-cooled and water-cooled. Water-cooled industrial water chillers need to be equipped with a water tower and use the water tower to dissipate heat.

Air-cooled industrial water chillers are generally integral units, which are integrated by evaporator, compressor, and condenser. The unit has its own water tank and circulating water pump. No cooling tower and cooling water pump are required. The industrial water chiller adopt large-capacity condenser, shell-and-tube condenser and evaporator, fast heat exchange, good heat dissipation and cooling effect, relatively simple and convenient installation and maintenance. However, for a slightly larger power air-cooled industrial chiller, it is necessary to consider the heat dissipation problem of the condenser cooling fan when it is working. The overall machine should be considered for applications in relatively closed spaces, and an exhaust duct needs to be set to guide the heat blown by the cooling fan to the outdoors.

Ⅱ. Precautions of the industrial water chiller selection

First, check the refrigeration capacity index of industrial chillers because it represents the refrigeration capacity of industrial water chillers. The refrigeration capacity of different industrial chillers is also different, so when choosing an industrial chiller, you should choose according to the power of the cooling equipment.

Check the pump flow and temperature control of industrial water chillers. The flow rate of the water pump determines the ability of the industrial water chiller to take away the heat, and only a good design of the flow rate of the water pump can give play to the cooling capacity of the chiller. Therefore, choosing the right pump power is also the first condition, then is the temperature control accuracy of industrial chillers. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature control accuracy of industrial water chillers, the better because industrial water chillers have high-temperature control accuracy and can accurately control the temperature of the equipment to guarantee the stability of water temperature.

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