The Relationship Between the Refrigeration of Industrial Water Chillers and the Three Circulation Systems

The Relationship Between the Refrigeration of Industrial Water Chillers and the Three Circulation Systems

he Three Circulation Systems

Chillers are used quite a lot especially in summer. Some industries have strict requirements for temperature, so the frequency of use of industrial chillers is higher. The scope of application of industrial chillers is quite wide, it can not only be used in the plastics industry, textile industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, surface treatment industry. The electronics industry, chemical environmental protection industry, metal processing industry can also be customized according to the requirements of the industry.

Industrial water chillers rely on three major circulation systems to interconnect and operate. But what are the three major circulation systems of the chiller? You can guess it based on its refrigeration principle.

1. Refrigerant circulation system of industrial water chiller

There is a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator of an industrial water chiller, and the refrigerant begins to evaporate after absorbing the heat in the water. Finally, there will be a temperature difference between the water and the refrigerant. The chiller machine will become a gas after it is completely evaporated. After being absorbed by the compressor, it will be compressed. It turns into a liquid and finally completes the process of the refrigeration cycle.

2. Water circulation system of industrial water chiller

The main function of the water pump such as CNC spindle chiller is to pump the water from the water tank to the equipment that needs to be cooled. After the water takes away the heat, the temperature will rise, and then it will return to the frozen water tank.

3. Electrical automatic control system of industrial water chiller

Including the automatic control part and power supply part of the industrial chiller system. The automatic control part includes relays, pressure protection, thermostat, pressure protection, thermostat, delay, overload protection, etc. The combination can automatically adjust the start or stop according to the water temperature. After the power supply passes through the contactor, it mainly supplies power to the compressor, water pump and fan lights.

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