Different Types of Fume Extractor and How Does Fume Extractor Work?

Different Types of Fume Extractor and How Does Fume Extractor Work?

Fume extractor is a high-efficiency air purifier designed for industrial exhaust fumes and smoke, used to extract and extractor toxic fumes and dust in the working environment. It can absorb particles in the polluted air, and then purify the air through the extractor, and then discharge the clean air. After filtration, all dust particles and toxic gases are collected in the extractor.

Different types of fume extractors

Mobile fume extractor: wheels are installed at the bottom, easy to move

Bench fume extracter: placed on a table or workbench, very suitable for welding workplaces, drug sorting or other small-scale activities that may generate smoke

Wall-mounted fume absorbor: installed on the wall, usually directly above the flue gas output

Working principles of fume extractors

Industrial processes will produce particles and gaseous substances, some of which are harmful to human health. The smoke purification system such as laser fume extraction systems can protect workers from harmful smoke. The system is used in various processes that produce smoke in an industrial environment, and its working principle is very similar to that of a general vacuum cleaner.

Through the action of the fan’s gravitational force, the welding fume exhaust gas is sucked into the air inlet of the equipment through the dust hood. The air inlet of the equipment is equipped with a flame arrestor. Sparks are blocked by the flame arrestor, and the fume is directly down to the ash hopper, the particulate dust is trapped on the outer surface by the filter element. After the clean air is filtered and purified by the filter element, it flows into the clean room from the center of the filter element. The clean air is further purified by the activated carbon filter and then discharged through the air outlet.

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