The Working Principle of Plasma Fume Extractor

The Working Principle of Plasma Fume Extractor

1. What is the plasma fume extractor

Welding fume plasma fume extractor is an environmental protection equipment to purify the smoke and dust in the workshop. 

The fume extractor is a purification device designed for industrial welding fume and light particles. It is light and flexible, and easy to operate. It is also used in chemicals, electronics, metal processing, tobacco, glass, pharmaceuticals, food processing, clean rooms, hospitals and other industries polluted by dust and smog.

Metals will produce a variety of toxic and harmful gases during industrial welding or other processing. Welding fumes plasma fume extractor will adopt purification device to purify welding fumes and exhaust gas by experiments to ensure that no secondary pollution will occur, workshop operations will not be affected, and equipment life will not be affected, which can not only remove welding fumes and exhaust gas, but also degrade the tar smell of welding fumes and various toxic and harmful gases.

2. The working principle of the plasma fume extractor

The working principle of the welding fume extractor is as follows: the welding fume exhaust gas is sucked into the purifier under the negative pressure of the fan, and the large particles of dust are filtered and deposited by the flow equalizing plate and the primary filter; the micro smoke and exhaust gas entering the purifier pass through the exhaust gas device after being filtered, the up-to-standard gas is discharged. The welding exhaust gas is initially filtered through the primary and medium-efficiency filter layers, and then the gas passes through the high-efficiency filter and enters the activated carbon adsorption layer, leaving odorous gas. Adsorbed by the activated carbon purification unit, the gas passes through the purification membrane and discharges the up-to-standard gas.

3. Application fields of plasma fume extractor

Welding fume plasma fume extractor application fields: arc welding, CO2 shielded welding, MAG shielded welding, special welding, gas melting cutting, etc., for the treatment of fumes generated during welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. 

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