What Are the Precautions for Using Laser Fume Extractor?

What Are the Precautions for Using Laser Fume Extractor?

In laser operation, much more smoke will affect product quality and operation progress. At the same time, improper protection of operator is easy to cause smoke inhalation into the body and lead to some diseases in a long time. So what are the precautions for using a laser fume extractor?

Ⅰ. Storage conditions of laser fume extractor

The storage position of laser fume extractor should be even and dry which should have a distance between the wall and keep the air inlet and outlet of the laser fume extractor smooth. Meanwhile, the laser fume extractor cannot be installed with direct sunlight, or the shell would be out of shape or the device malfunctioned. Otherwise, the working temperature cannot be so high, and under the high humidity and high destiny of combustible gas conditions, please do not implement this machine.

Ⅱ. Regular replacement of laser fume extractor

If any block in the consumables on laser fume extractor, replacement shall be done in timely manner to guarantee the purifying effect. When the operators move or replace the filter element or disc, the protecting gloves and masks shall be worn and at the meantime, the pollutant in the chamber of the laser fume extractor shall be cleaned up.

Ⅲ. Use the laser fume extractor correctly

In accordance with the specification of the fume extractor for laser cutter, the seal condition of this machine shall be checked before use and the inlet tube cannot be bending when using it avoiding to influencing the purifying effect. During operating period, the operators shall keep a distance with the inlet and outlet.

In order to implement the laser fume extractor reliably, the operators shall pay attention to the storage conditions, replacement of consumables and specification. At the same time, the clean-up period shall be in accordance with the specifications of various types and generally, the clean-up is quite easy.

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