Applications of Industrial Water Chiller

Applications of Industrial Water Chiller

Here are the main application industries of industrial water chiller group.

Plastics: In this industry field, the industrial water chiller can obviously control the processing temperature of different plastics, effectively shortening the production cycle of plastics

Electronics: The use of industrial water chiller such as laser water chiller can stabilize the molecular structure of the internal production line of electronic components, and improve the production pass rate of electronic components in a short time; it can also be applied to ultrasonic cleaning. In the actual cleaning process, it can avoid cleaning agents. The volatilization will have a negative impact on the equipment, and better ensure the safety of workers.

Machinery: The application of industrial water chiller in the machinery industry is still very powerful. It can control the pressure and temperature of each oil pressure system. It can also continuously stabilize the pressure and temperature of the oil, extending the use time of these oils in a short time. Improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication to better reduce the wear.

Electroplating: The CNC chiller can effectively control the temperature of electroplating, increase the density and smoothness of electroplated parts, and can continuously shorten the electroplating cycle, improve production efficiency in a short time, and continuously improve quality.

Construction: The industrial water chiller can supply more chilled water to concrete in construction, so that the molecular structure of concrete can be better used in different construction environments, and effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.

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