Bao-700 Laser Cutting Fume Extraction

Bao-700 Laser Cutting Fume Extraction

Bao-700 laser cutting smoke extraction is a special smoke purifier for laser, which is used to filter the smoke and dust generated by the laser machine when engraving or cutting materials. Bao-700 adopts four filtration design, including primary filtration, medium efficiency filtration, high-efficiency filtration and gas filtration. It can filter 0.3-micron ultra-fine smoke and dust, and the filtration efficiency is as high as 99.7%. Each layer of the filter element can be removed and replaced separately, which makes the maintenance equipment more convenient.


1,Four-stage filtration design: primary filter cotton, medium efficiency filter element, high-efficiency filter element, gas filter, with filtration efficiency up to 99.7%.
2,Well known motor fan, low noise, high speed, stable operation, more energy saving.
3,Purified air volume 700m³/h.


Air Flow:


Voltage / Frequency:

220V, 50Hz

Input Power:


Air Pressure:


Filtration Rate:

99.97% @ 0.3μm

Filter Type:

G3 primary Filter + F5 medium efficiency filter+ H13 HEPA filter + gas filter


≤ 60dB

Exhaust Arm:

φ150mm x 1.8M

Machine Dimension:





Suitable for laser engraving of acrylic, PS board, plastic materials, paper and other materials to purify smoke and odours.

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