Bao-1000 Fume Extractor

Bao-1000 Fume Extractor

Bao-1000 fume extractor is a fume purification equipment suitable for laser machines with the medium-sized working format. Bao-1000 can be used in a variety of industries, such as laser welding, metal processing, food and medicine, moxibustion medical treatment, 3D printing, inkjet printing and other industries. Bao-1000 is equipped with primary, intermediate and advanced filters, with a large filtering area and multi-stage filtration, which can filter out 99% of the smoke and dust; in addition, the special activated carbon filter element can also purify the smoke and dust, and truly achieve the purpose of purifying the air.


1,The four-stage filtration design can ensure that the harmful substances in the smoke and dust can be filtered out so that the air can be purified to the indoor air standard and human health can be protected.
2,Metal structure design, equipment volume is relatively small, saving space.
3,The purified air volume can reach 1000m³/h.


Air Flow:


Voltage / Frequency:

220V, 50Hz

Input Power:


Air Pressure:


Filtration Rate:


Filter Type:

G3 primary Filter + F5 medium efficiency filter+ H13 HEPA filter + gas filter


≤ 60dB

Exhaust Arm:

φ150mm x 1.8M

Machine Dimension:





Bao-1000 is a fume extractor for laser cutting and engraving acrylic, plastic, paper, wood, plywood. It can eliminate of waste fumes in the work area by sucking up pollutants.

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