Working Principle of Laser Water Chiller

Working Principle of Laser Water Chiller

1. The working principle of laser water chiller

The working principle of the laser water chiller is to inject a certain amount of water into the stainless steel water tank of the chiller first, and cool the water through the refrigeration system of the chiller. The refrigeration compressor of the laser water chiller draws the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigeration gas in the evaporator into the cylinder, and the work is done by the compressor to make it become a gas with high pressure and temperature and then it is into the condenser. The refrigerant gas of high temperature and high pressure is exchanged with the cooling air of the cooling medium to transfer the heat out of the laser water chiller, and the refrigerant gas condenses is into high-pressure liquid. Then the water pump pressure of the chiller will send the low-temperature cooling water to the laser equipment to be cooled. At this time, after the chilled water of the chiller takes away the heat in the laser machine, the temperature rises and then returns to the water tank and then passes through the cooling cycle of the chiller to achieve the cooling effect.

2. Refrigerating capacity of laser water chiller

The cooling capacity of the laser water chiller is the actual cooling capacity of the cooling system, which is the first index for us to choose the laser water chiller. In general, we can calculate the calorific value of the laser according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser, and then choose the laser water chiller. Sometimes we directly determine the refrigerating capacity of the co2 laser water cooling according to the input rated power of the laser power minus the output power of the laser. For example, RF lasers and solid lasers which we commonly use are marked the rated full power supply voltage and current, to coherent 70W RF laser as an example, its power input 48V25A, instantaneous 36A, can calculate the maximum input power 1200W.

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