What Are the Performance Characteristics and Common Sense of Use of Industrial Water Chillers?

What Are the Performance Characteristics and Common Sense of Use of Industrial Water Chillers?

Industrial water chillers are modern and more advanced refrigeration equipment, and are more important auxiliary units in industrial development. Industrial water chillers are often called: freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, chillers, coolers, etc. The names are also different in different industries, but in fact they are all the same, it is a multi-functional machine. The most common applications are air conditioning units and industrial cooling. Industrial chillers can be divided into air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers.

Ⅰ. Performance characteristics of industrial water chillers

1. Air-cooled water chiller

(1) No need to install cooling tower, easy to install, convenient to move, suitable for occasions with less water resources of the chiller machine.

(2) The noise of the motor is relatively small, the condensation effect is better, it has a stable throttling mechanism, and can prevent rust well.

2. Water-cooled water chiller

(1) You can use an ergonomic panel, fully automated control, and use the controller to run smoothly for a long time.

(2) Use high-efficiency heat transfer and heat exchanger to effectively reduce cooling loss

Ⅱ. Common sense of the use of industrial water chillers:

(1) The safety of the operating environment determines the service life of industrial water chillers. In order to maintain the stability of industrial water chiller, in the actual installation process, the safety of their power supply must be considered first, and independent power supply equipment is required to effectively control the voltage and current to meet the normal operation of industrial water chillers. At the same time, separate the power supply, which can avoid various overloads and affect normal operation.

(2) Maintaining a clean and hygienic operating environment can extend the service life of industrial water chillers such as laser water chiller. If in a relatively harsh environment, it will have a great impact on the life of key parts, especially for a large number of water-cooled industrial chillers, which requires high environmental requirements.

(3) Many industrial chillers are made of Freon to reduce the ambient temperature and require careful maintenance. The refrigerant is used to reduce the temperature of the medium and achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of the entire industrial chiller. It plays a vital role in meeting many special low-temperature environments.

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