Tips for Installation of Laser Chiller

Tips for Installation of Laser Chiller

Laser water chillers have the characteristics of outstanding refrigeration effect and low refrigeration cost. Before installing and using laser water chiller, the relevant staff should first be familiar with the performance of laser water chiller, understand the common sense of use and cherish the equipment and operate carefully.

Ⅰ. Precautions for installation of laser water chiller

Precautions for installation of laser water chiller:

1. Open the package, check whether the laser water chiller is in good condition, whether the accessories are complete and installation personnel must have the relevant professional knowledge; 

2. Confirm whether the equipment is correctly grounded, although the average working current of the laser water chiller is not large, but its instantaneous working current is sometimes as high as 6 to 10 amperes; 

3. Unscrew the machine water injection port and add cooling water. Only neutral and pure water should be used. No granular solids are allowed. 

4. In order to protect the circulating pump, it is strictly prohibited to run without water; 

5. Ensure that the inlet and outlet channels of the chiller are smooth, and do not put foreign matters into the equipment; 

6. When abnormal situation occurs, stop the industrial water chiller machine operation, cut off the power supply and feedback abnormal phenomenon to professionals. Please remember not to continue to use it; 

7. When the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature and the ambient humidity is large, condensed water will be generated on the surface of the circulating water pipe and the cooled device.

Ⅱ.  The characteristics of laser water chiller

 As a professional water chiller supplier,  our laser water chillers have the following characteristics:

1.laser water chiller is exquisitely designed, easy to install and operate; 

2. The circulating water system of laser water chiller adopts industrial plastic anti-rust pump, stainless steel water tank, PVC connection material without rust; 

3. Laser water chiller with flow protection device, can output signal to external equipment; 

4. The temperature controller of the laser water chiller adopts the electronic temperature controller independently developed and produced, a variety of settings and fault warning functions with only one key operation (the bottom of on-off) and the other are automatically realized by the memory function.

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