Three Major Circulation Systems of Industrial Water Chillers

Three Major Circulation Systems of Industrial Water Chillers

Ⅰ. The scope of application of industrial water chillers

Water chillers play a very important role in the industry. Not only are chillers used in the refrigeration process of electroplating, chemical, printing, pharmaceuticals, plastics and other industries, industrial water chillers are also used in the electronic field, medical equipment, leather processing and other aspects, and air conditioning and refrigeration in people’s daily public activities will also be applied to chillers.

Ⅱ. The three major circulation systems of industrial water chillers

Industrial water chillers operate through three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system and electrical automatic control system.

1. Refrigerant circulation system

There is a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator of an industrial water chiller such as CO2 laser chiller. The refrigerant begins to evaporate after absorbing the heat in the water, and finally there will be a temperature difference between the water and the refrigerant, after the liquid cooler is completely evaporated, it will become gaseous. After being absorbed by the compressor, the gaseous refrigerant will be compressed. The gaseous refrigerant will then pass through the condenser to dissipate heat. The temperature will drop and then condense into a liquid. Finally, the refrigeration cycle is completed.

2. Water circulation system

The main function of the industrial water chiller water pump such as chiller for laser machine is to pump water from the water tank to the equipment that needs to be cooled. After the heat is taken out by the water, the temperature will rise, and then it will return to the frozen water tank.

3. Electrical automatic control system

Including the automatic control part and power supply part of the industrial water chiller system. The automatic control part includes relays, pressure protection, thermostat, overload protection, etc., which can be combined to automatically adjust the start or stop according to the water temperature. After the power supply passes through the contactor, it mainly supplies power to the compressor, water pump and fan lights.

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