XLNT-6000 6000W Fiber Laser Chillers

XLNT-6000 6000W Fiber Laser Chillers

Xlnt-6000 fiber laser chillers are specially used to cool 6000W fiber laser. Xlnt-6000 fiber laser chiller adopts the compressor and water pump of international famous brands, and other accessories adopt the professional customized accessories of xlnt. The professional accessories and production ensure that the quality of xlnt series fiber laser chiller is more stable, and provide professional cooling service for customers with longer service life.


1,Cooling capacity: 14000W, water pump flow: 8L/min+100L/min.
2,The temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.5℃~±1.0℃.
3,The industrial water cooled chillers are designed with dual-temperature dual-control design, default constant temperature mode, two set temperatures, to meet the requirements of different parts of fiber laser equipment.
4,Provide multiple protection alarm functions and signal output ports.


This chiller for laser machine is suitable for 3000W~6000W fiber laser equipment.

More Details

Optional Temperature Control Mode

Double Fans, Double The Heat Dissipation Efficiency

Dual Temperature Control, Low Temperature Water Cools The Laser, And Normal Temperature Water Is Used To Stabilize The Temperature Of The Optical Head Lens

The Side Wind Tunnel Vents Fully Enhance The Cooling Effect

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