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Welding Water Cooler

The welding water cooler is a compact, economical, energy-saving and heat-dissipating circulating cooler, which has the characteristics of portability, convenient operation and long service life. It is mainly used to help cool the heating parts of mechanical equipment such as AC and DC argon arc welding equipment, gas shielded welding equipment, plasma equipment resistance welding machine, laser machine and so on.

Types Of Welding Water Cooler

Precautions For Welding Water Cooler In Winter

  • Add and replace the cooling water timely. Please use pure water for cooling water

  • Alcohol antifreeze must be replaced in winter to avoid damaging the radiator

Precautions For The First Use Of Welding Water Cooler

  • Make sure that the injected cooling water (pure water) is is enough

  • When using it for the first time or leaving it unused for a long time, make sure that the motor is started, and the welding gun can be installed after the cooling water is sprayed, otherwise the motor will not be easy to start.

  • If the motor is running normally (the radiating hole has the feeling of wind blowing), but the water output is too small or unable to output water, you can drive the air from the air compressor into the water outlet or water inlet for 20 seconds and discharge the air in the pump to improve.

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