Principle of Using Antifreeze in Industrial Water Chiller

Principle of Using Antifreeze in Industrial Water Chiller

1. Reasons for using antifreeze in the industrial water chiller

The role of antifreeze for industrial water chillers is to prevent expansion and cracking of heat exchangers, pipes or pumps due to freezing of the coolant. Therefore, in the operation and use of industrial water chillers, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze of the chiller in advance. 

The replacement of the appropriate antifreeze is critical to the stable operation of the equipment and the extension of the service life. When choosing an antifreeze, you must first consider the use of the environment. Although many companies believe that the higher consistence of antifreeze, the higher the operating safety of the equipment, in fact, on the contrary, which antifreeze should be replaced in chiller machine needs to be carefully analyzed according to the long-term operating environment of the company.

2. The principles that need to be followed when using antifreeze in the industrial water chiller

Companies must follow these principles when using the industrial water chiller and replacing antifreeze. First of all, the concentration should be as low as possible. Because it is corrosive to a certain degree, the lower the concentration of the formula, the safer it is to meet the antifreeze performance of the industrial water chiller.

Secondly, the shorter the time used, the better. Any kind of substance has a certain time limit. For example, antifreeze will deteriorate if it is used for too long. After the deterioration, the antifreeze will be more corrosive and the viscosity will also change. 

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the industrial water chiller, companies must pay attention to regular replacement. Finally, do not mix different brands of antifreeze. When each manufacturer produces antifreeze, the ingredients they used are different, and the additive formula is different. Therefore, do not mix different brands and different types of antifreeze to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or bubbles, which will affect the stable run of the industrial water chiller.

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