Main Application Fields for Industrial Water Chiller

Main Application Fields for Industrial Water Chiller

The industrial water chiller group is commonly known as chillers, etc., and is widely used in all walks of life. With the continuous development of the industrial water chiller group, more and more humans have begun to pay attention to the industrial water chiller group industry. What are the main application industries of industrial water chiller?

1. Industrial water chiller in the field of CNC machinery

The industrial water chiller controls the temperature of the CNC machine tool spindle by water circulation, keeps the spindle at a low temperature, prolongs the service life of the spindle, and improves the quality and precision of its engraving and cutting. The CNC mechanical equipment that mainly uses the industrial water chiller includes a spindle engraving machine, resistance welding machine, argon arc welding machine, etc.

2. Industrial water chiller in the laser field

The chiller machine controls the temperature of the laser to keep the laser cavity without thermal deformation, stable light output power, ensure beam quality, and improve the service life and cutting accuracy of the laser. The main applicable laser processing equipment for the laser industrial water chiller is laser engraving and cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, etc.

3. Industrial water chiller in the medical industry

As one of the professional industrial water chiller manufacturers, our industrial water chiller cools and controls the heating parts of medical equipment through water circulation to improve the stability of its detection. The main medical equipment used is medical beauty equipment, photon machines, laser hair removal machines, etc.

4. Industrial water chiller in the field of UV printing and UV lighting

The industrial water chiller maintains the stability and durability of the UV light source by controlling the temperature of the UV-LED lamp. The main applications of UV printing and UV lighting equipment include UV flatbed printers, UV screen printers, and UV-LED UV curing lamps, UV-LED ultraviolet curing equipment, etc.

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