Laser Water Chiller Maintenance

Laser Water Chiller Maintenance

Ⅰ. Maintenance of laser water chiller

1. Liquid level. Regularly check whether the laser chiller needs to be filled. Generally, the water in the water tank should be based on the coil in the water tank. If it is lower than the coil, you need to add liquid and change the water regularly according to the water quality. Remove the air in the waterway system and wait for the water flow to be normal. Air bubbles in the waterway will reduce the light transmittance of the water. When there are bubbles in the transparent hose or the return water of the water tank, check whether the return water pipeline leaks and whether the water level of the water tank is low.

The normal operation of our industrial water chiller for sale guarantees the service life of the laser and improves the work efficiency, improves the fineness of the product, and makes the product more competitive.

2. Replacement of cooling water. Rinse the filter element or replace the filter element every week, clean the water tank of the chiller, and replace the circulating water. The water quality and water temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser. It is recommended to use pure water. Note: Check whether the laser chiller is turned on before the machine is working and ensure water circulation in the laser.

3. Water temperature of water cooler. It is recommended to set the water temperature to alarm at 35°C. When the water temperature reaches the alarm state during laser operation, turn off the laser and wait for the water temperature to cool down before running. The water temperature of the fan is recommended to be set at about 25°C. If the temperature is set too low, the water temperature will be too low. After the laser chiller unit is connected to the water, the lens, xenon lamp, and crystal rod in the laser will be easily damaged when it emits light.

Ⅱ. Cleaning the filter screen and water tank of the laser water chiller

Filter cleaning: Take out the filter, wash it with mild detergent and water to remove the accumulated dust, rinse and dry before reinstalling. When there is too much dust, remove the isolation net, and use an air spray gun, water pipe, etc., to remove the dust on the dust isolation net. The dust filter should be dried before reinstallation if the oily dirt is cleaned with a neutral detergent. Frequent cleaning of the filter can prolong the service life of the laser chiller and reduce the power consumption of the laser chiller.

Cleaning the water tank:

1. Remove the water pipe of the laser water inlet, and wait a few minutes for the remaining water in the laser to flow into the water tank of the laser chiller.

2. Open the water tank and take out the water pump to remove the dirt on the water pump.

3. Wipe clean the inside of the water tank with a rag, clean the dirt with water, replace the pure water, and reinstall the water pump to the water tank. 

4. Connect the connectors.

Note: When replacing purified water, the industrial water cooler manufacturer recommended to increase the water level to near the high water level. Because after the machine is running, part of the water in the water tank will flow out to circulate with the laser.

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