How to Use Welding Fume Extractor Efficiently?

How to Use Welding Fume Extractor Efficiently?

With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection, the application of dust removal equipment such as welding fume extractor in the production workshop is becoming more and more common! Many factories have invested a lot of financial resources in environmental protection dust removal equipment, so they are particularly concerned about how to maximize the effectiveness of environmental protection dust removal equipment under the premise of ensuring safety.

1. Control the operating time of the welding fume extractor

The welding fume extractor cannot be used regardless of installation after they are installed. Welding fume extractor has certain operating specifications. First of all, we must control the operating time of welding fume extractor. Under normal circumstances, the equipment needs to be shut down for dust removal after accumulative work of 8 hours. Of course, if the equipment is equipped with a pulse back blowing dust removal system, there is no need to stop the machine, just press the injection button to start the automatic dust removal.

2. Working point selection of welding fume extractor

The points of the factory are generally divided into single-station and multi-station. If it is a single station or the number of stations is less than 10, the application of mobile welding fume extractor is the best choice. Mobile welding fume extractor can remove dust one to one from the source, so it is best to use it when the number of stations is small. For a multi-station factory, it is more appropriate to use a central dust removal system, which can collect the flue gas dust from a single station and process it in a unified manner, which is more efficient.

3. The EIA standards for welding fume extractor have been reached

For factory dust removal, the use of welding fume extractor to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the workshop air below the standard is the most basic requirement. The occupational health standard for welding fume emission requires that the indoor emission concentration must be less than 5mg/m3, so before applying the welding fume extractor, it is necessary to clarify the purification efficiency of the equipment to ensure that the emission meets the standard. 

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