Advantages of Industrial Water Chillers

Advantages of Industrial Water Chillers

Ⅰ. Introduction of industrial water chillers

Water chillers are widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, printing, food processing and other industrial freezing processes that require frozen water. Chillers also play an important role  in the field of large central air-conditioning. The nature and principle of industrial water chillers are vapor compression refrigeration, which uses the principle of absorbing heat when liquid refrigerant vaporizes and releasing heat when vapor condenses.

Ⅱ. The advantages of industrial water chillers

1. Accurate temperature control capability of industrial water chillers. For chiller machine, precise temperature control capability is very important. A high-quality thermostat can not only accurately control, but also save energy and environmental protection.

2. Industrial water chillers have high heat exchange efficiency. The advantages of using evaporative condensers and evaporators on industrial water chillers are simple structure, convenient maintenance, and high heat exchange efficiency, so the overall cost performance is high.

3. The industrial water chiller such as chiller for laser machine operates stably and reliably. The compressor is the core part of the operation of the industrial water chiller unit, and its role is no less than the “heart” of a person.

4. The full range of protection devices for industrial water chillers. During the operation of the industrial water chiller unit, you will worry about a series of problems such as “whether the current is overloaded”, “high and low pressure instability”, “icing”, and so on. Industrial water chillers are especially matched. A full range of safety protection devices, such as: industrial water chiller unit protection device, high temperature alarm device, flow protection device, low temperature, anti-icing protection device, oil gauge pressure protection device, etc. When encountering a failure problem, it can promptly alarm and display the failure.

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