Advantages and Maintenance of Industrial Water Chiller

Advantages and Maintenance of Industrial Water Chiller

Industrial water chiller is a kind of chiller, which can be divided into air-cooled industrial water chiller and water-cooled industrial water chiller, which is mainly used for controlled cooling of different products and machines in various industries. The industrial water chiller transfers the heat from the water to the air through a heat exchange process. Using a mechanical compressor and a refrigeration cycle, the chiller can cool the water to below the ambient temperature.

The working principle of the cooling water system such as chiller for laser machine: first inject a certain amount of water into the internal water tank of the machine, cool the water through the industrial water chiller refrigeration system, and then inject the low-temperature frozen water into the equipment that needs to be cooled by the water pump to take away the heat inside the machine, and then high-temperature hot water flows back to the water tank again for cooling. In this way, the cyclic exchange and cooling can achieve the effect of cooling the equipment.

Advantages of cooling water system:

Safety: Non-toxic, chemically stable water as a refrigerant is fundamentally safe;

Cost-effective: Water absorbs heat more easily than air. This basic physical fact means that water always has an advantage in this respect. Moreover, water resources are abundant and cheap. The chiller machine can greatly save the total cost.

Maintenance and maintenance of industrial water chiller:

1. In order to ensure the good performance of the unit, please keep the industrial water chiller unit in a well-ventilated and low temperature environment

2. Clean the condenser and evaporator regularly to keep the whole machine running well;

3. Keep the cooling tower clean, and there should be no sundries and other obstacles in the cooling tower.

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