A Simple Guide To Industrial Water Chiller

A Simple Guide To Industrial Water Chiller

In order to ensure the smooth progress of production and improve production efficiency, we must pay more attention to the use of the industrial water chiller. Here we briefly introduce the operation precautions of several industrial water chillers:

1. In order to ensure the cooling effect of the industrial water chiller and maintain the best condition, please clean the condenser, evaporator and water filter regularly;

2. Keep the cooling tower clean and clean it regularly. There should be no sundries and other obstacles in the cooling tower to avoid injury;

3. For air-cooled refrigerators, please keep the surface of the radiator clean and clean it regularly to maintain good performance of the chiller machine.

4. Chilled water pumps cannot run without water in the water tank;

5. Please take care of the operation switch to avoid continuous switching to ensure the cooling effect of the chiller machine such as CO2 laser water chiller;

6. When the freezing water temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will automatically stop running, which is a normal phenomenon;

7. Avoid setting the temperature switch below 5°C to prevent the evaporator from freezing (except for low-temperature refrigerators).

Note: If there is a fault alarm, please shut down immediately and start the machine after troubleshooting, or notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it in time.

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